@p_roblem_s by Joe Milazzo


Image of @p_roblem_s by Joe Milazzo

Reality Beach #17
Print Edition of 100
8.5" x 8.5" Hand-Bound Chapbook
36 pages

@p_roblem_s is a poetic sequence that began life as a pseudonymous Twitter account (since deactivated/annihilated) the author managed from 2010 through 2011. The present collation is the result of certain chance operations (e.g., running the contents of the original feed through a computer application designed to produce randomized sequences; running the contents through a computer application designed to reorder those same contents by timestamp, and irrespective of date), light revision, and—in some rare instances where the author spotted opportunities to augment cohesion and coherence—new composition.

"Problems of losing illusions while gaining confusions.
Problems of a paranoia instilled by thinking primarily in connotations.
Problems of wide eyes, long faces, high cheekbones, low brows, medium builds and
broad minds.
Problems of publishing the self in a market monopolized by a single distributor.
Problems of feeling like a shell of your former shell. "